Inspection and Expediting EN

The inspection and expediting turn to engineering companies or manufacturers putting at the forefront the experience and skills of highly qualified personnel in the field of testing and order management.

L & M Mechanical and Consulting SRLs has specialists and specific resources for the inspection and expediting management able to provide a complete service to its customers

Description of activities:


Inspections of suppliers of materials, products, machinery, plant or components in order to ensure compliance in accordance with the project’s specifics.


Guarantee the delivery date through a system of continuous follow-up on orders and the constant contact with suppliers.

All testing activities are carried out at suppliers.

Who carries out the activities are the operators within the company.

The task of the inspector is to represent the customer at the supplier and monitor the progress of production communicating the eventual anomalies found during the production process.

The inspector or TPI (Third Party Inspection), together with the operators, verifies that the product meets the specifications required by the customer.

If it is required, he can arrange the production in collaboration with the technical departments of the supplier in order to be eliminated or prevented any “bottlenecks”.

The Inspector figure is quite different from the Expediter. The first verifies that the technical and contractual parameters are respected, while the second, cooperates operatively with the supplier so as to meet the delivery time requested by the customer.