Expeditor EN

Is required:

  • – Production control: Verify that the manufacturing process meets the standards (quality, mandatory, environmental …) of the country where the goods are destined. This is particularly required in the fields of food and engineering, for example, for components destined for power generation plants.
  • – Quality Control: The operation of the components occurred as a result of specific requirements, both in terms of measurements and in terms of compliance with standard customers.
  • – Control and shipment packing: Acceleration, which simply provides visual inspection of goods and checks compliance with specifications and packaging.
  • – Project management: In large-scale projects, only the inspection of goods is not required. Also executed checks that the deadlines and stages of the project, ensuring compliance with the calendar. In this way, monitoring the crucial aspects of supply is under way.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Knowledge of English
  • Auto-armed

Retribution and classification will be assessed on the basis of proven knowledge and skills.

For the application to the above position, please send an e-mail by specifying the number # ex01


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